During my recent home remodel, I was looking for a steam shower solution to replace the existing shower unit in my master bath. I visited local designer bath showrooms and while the products were nice, the prices were much higher than I wanted to invest. After visiting the Homeward Bath website, I contacted them to find out more about their products. Sales spent quality time with me to discuss the steam shower solutions they offered. After much discussion and getting all my questions answered, I placed my order for their Jupiter Plus Steam Shower (Black), Model #M6020. The product was packaged carefully and shipped promptly. I used an amazing mid-Missouri contractor, Jim Carroll to install the unit. The unit install went well, with only a few technical questions that Jim was able to work with Homeward Bath Technical Support to resolve quickly. The entire team at Homeward Bath is professional and customer focused. Their steam shower products are amazing, offering many more features with a much lower cost than other manufacturers. I enjoy my new steam shower daily and am extremely pleased with the quality and performance. A special thanks to the team at Homeward Bath and Jim Carroll for the best part of my remodel efforts.

G.C. from Missouri

Thank you to and your team – my first interaction with Ohioans-and WOW….such genuinely nice people. The world can be sad and scary but there are lots of great people – clearly a bunch of them work at homeward bath!

Lisa from Ontario, CAN

Galaxy Steam Shower was not the easiest of things we have installed but with patience and understanding we did it and have enjoyed the unit for over 3 great years…it is very spa like and adds that elegance to our master bathroom that we really love and enjoy……makes us feel like we are not really in our home but in Hawaii in an elegant resort…just love this unit.

By: CrazyOverPurple

We were set to tile and redo our bathroom into a steam room. It was going to cost over $12,000 to do this. We came across this self-contained free standing Orion steam shower that had everything we wanted. Steam, rainfall shower and music. Also, it came with a stone base not acrylic. With a little help on the phone with the company’s tech dept., we had the shower built in 7 hrs. Great product and would recommend.

By: RollTide

The Orion Steam shower has all the features my customer was looking for. The supplier was local and wonderful to deal with. From the sale to delivery to installation and minor service, it was a great experience. The LED lights work great and the steam feature is amazing (or so my customer has said). Our recommendation is to make sure when installing, have the components exposed and install a separate back access panel or make sure when installing on an interior wall to make the access panel the FULL LENGTH of the unit. This will make future service less of a hassle.

By: GoddessGal